CINEMOOD TV in the making
What's happening with the CINEMOOD New Generation
Main stages of making CINEMOOD TV
Creating a hardware product is never easy.
It takes almost 3 years from the concept to ready to use product.
R&D stage
Research and development of design and features. As a result – product concept.
Pre-orders start
Opening pre-orders for the product to understand potential demand and positioning.
Producing DVT batch
DVT (design validating test) is the stage where the first physical product is made. Main goal – to finalize the design. Normally it's only 10-20 units are made.
Producing PVT batch
PVT (production validation test) is the stage where bigger batches are made. The main goal – to optimize production and heavily test the devices on any problems.
Producing MP1
MP1 (mass production) is the first batch of CINEMOODs that will go straight to customers. Most of those are going to be delivered to customers who pre-ordered.
Sales start
Sales start when the production will fulfill all pre-orders and CINEMOOD TV will be available at warehouses for immediate delivery.
What is the current status?

On November 15, we are in MP1 stage - producing the first batch for pre-orders. The estimate of product delivery is December 6*.
Product certification - done
All ready to sell product must go through certifications. It's made once with the first batch.
MP1 - in progress
(Est. Nov 24)
Production of first batch of CINEMOOD TV. It will be done est November 18.
Shipping to warehouses
will start est. Nov 25
As soon as the MP1 is ready it will be send to our warehouses.
Delivery to customers
will start est. Dec 6
The delivery start in one-two days after the products are received in warehouse. Delivery takes up to one week.
* In the process there are always a risk of anything goes off track. At the beginning the MP1 was scheduled to be off
the production site in November 1st. The reason is prolonged - the body didn't meet our quality requirements.
Therefore we decided to redo the whole batch from the beginning.
November highlights
what's happening right now
Press release for CINEMOOD TV is out!
Even though the official releasing date is October 29, it's been talked about mostly in November.
Made it to CyberGuy's
Holiday Tech Gift
Ideas for 2020
October highlights
There are several things CINEMOOD TV's team
has accomplished so far
CINEMOOD New Generation got a name
Previously known as
CINEMOOD New Generation, CINEMOOD 3.0,
is finally found the permanent name
cut the cord
PVT batch is received
The whole team is enjoying testing the device.
Here is how CINEMOOD TV looks like in real life.
Here is the 360 view on the product
Now you can easely watch movies even in daylight
Playing games went to another level
Watching cartoons in the daylight
Here are some pictures we took
The package for CINEMOOD TV was created
Silicon protective cover
We are working on creating
the best silicon covers for CINEMOOD TV.
The delivery to customers
will start est. Dec 28
The final design and available colors
We develop the main concept with the best protection in mind. Soft silicone case with soft touch coating. Protects the body from scratches and bumps.
3D design prototype
In order to create the best funcional design we do several design iterations where 3D models are created. So far, there has been 5 iterations already. In the picture you can see the 3D model of one of the iterations.
Right now we are finalizing the design and start producing it shortly. It will be ready to be delivered in the end of December.
More than 2000 pre-orders were collected worldwide
More than 2000 pre-orders were collected worldwide
We'll be actively updating this page.
Check it out if you want to be updated on CINEMOOD TV updates.
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